IM for BuddyBoss Terms of Service

Service Provider: Code Monkeys LLC
Subscriber: Person that installs and activates the Instant Messenger for BuddyBoss plugin (website owner/administrator)
End User: Users registered within your BuddyBoss WordPress website

The Instant Messenger for BuddyBoss relies on the Service Provider’s custom external API to pass and store messages as well as some End User and group information.

The Service Provider’s API uses websocket connections in order to pass information to everyone connected in real time eliminating the need for server-side pings using something like heartbeat. This allows the Subscriber to run a true real time messaging system without eating up server resources and slowing down their website. This also gives the Service Provider the ability to provide mobile and desktop applications that work seamlessly together with the Subscriber’s web version of the instant messenger.

To ensure data “in transit” is transmitted to and from the API securely the Subscriber’s domain must use “https” with a valid SSL certificate. Connection requests made from a domain without a valid SSL certificate are blocked by the API.

Data stored on the API is secured “at rest” within its encrypted database. In addition, some data such as messages and sensitive information is encrypted prior to being transmitted and can only be decrypted using keys stored on the Subscriber’s website database in combination with keys stored within the API. Since the messaging system requires web-based connections the Service Provider is unable to implement a true end-to-end encryption method however there is still a separation of keys.

The Instant Messenger for BuddyBoss relies on the Subscriber’s website account security and simply synchronizes the API’s End User accounts with the Subscriber’s.

It is the sole responsibility of the Subscriber to ensure the End User’s accounts are secure.

The Subscriber agrees to use the Service Provider’s Instant Messenger for BuddyBoss plugin for WordPress and it’s API for legal purposes only.

The Service Provider has no way of seeing, monitoring or moderating content transmitted and saved to and on the API. It is the sole responsibility of the Subscriber to ensure ther Service Provider’s service is used legally and responsibly.

If it is brought to the attention of the Service Provider (Code Monkeys LLC) that the service is being used for non-legal purposes; access to our API from the Subscriber’s domain will be blocked and their account on the API removed.

The Service Provider (Code Monkeys LLC) does not sell, rent or monetize your personal data or content in any way and never will.

While nothing is 100% secure, we have gone to great lengths to ensure both the Subscriber (website owner where plugin is installed) as well as the End User’s information is private and secure both “in transit” and “at rest”.

The Subscriber and the Subscriber’s End Users must not (or assist others to) access, use, modify, distribute, transfer, or exploit our Services in unauthorized manners, or in ways that harm Code Monkeys LLC, our Services, or systems.

It is the sole responsibility of the Subscriber to ensure their End Users abide by these terms of service.

The Instant Messenger for BuddyBoss WordPress plugin and API service was designed to allow the expiration of messages and for those messages to be destroyed permanently after expiration.

Furthermore, the service was designed to allow the message sender, administrators and moderators to delete one or all of an End User’s messages.

Due to the design of this functionality the Service Provider can not be responsible for ensuring any information is retained within the API database for any length of time.

The WordPress plugin provided by the Service Provider will always be free to install and upon activation will allow a free subscription account on the Service Provider’s external API giving them a fully functional instant messenger for their BuddyBoss WordPress website for a limited number of concurrent active End Users.

If the Subscriber needs more than the limited number of concurrent active users or additional features not included in the free basic version the Service Provider offers a paid Pro upgrade.

In addition to upgrading to a paid Pro version to unlock additional features or remove limitations, the Service Provider may release “add-ons” for the Subscriber to purchase to unlock/add additional features not included within the core Basic or Pro options.