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Growth Driven Design

We focus on a "mobile first" modern, clean and responsive user interface using the "Growth Driven Design" methodology. We balance design with user experience while funneling the user to the desired action with continuous improvements based on how people actually use your site. You want a great looking site but you also need it to convert. Learn More...

Custom Development

We are a full stack design and development company which means we can design and develop all aspects of your project in-house, we don't outsource anything. Code Monkeys can not only design a great looking website or app, but also has the chops to build out the custom functionality you expect.


Search Engine Optimization is another important aspect we consider while building your web project. While we are primarily a design and development company, we have years of SEO experience and can help you put together a solid SEO, SMO & Social Marketing campaign.

Live Video Development

We are experienced in creating websites which have their own capacities for live video/audio streaming using the Open-Tok webRTC API. Whether you're looking for a one-on-one video consulting app or a group video meeting platform we can make it happen.

Real-Time Communication Applications

Today users expect real-time feedback and communication. We have experience building real-time communication applications from instant messaging to virtual call centers with click to call VOIP dialing using Twilio.

Partnering With Other Companies

We have worked with several other design, development and marketing companies to help pick up the slack and help with overflow projects or to bang out that custom functionality a client needs allowing you to focus on what you do best.

Commputer Repair

We offer desktop and laptop repair, virus removal, tune ups and data migration services.

Mobile Device Repair

We offer cell phone and tablet repair services including cracked screen/lcd replacement.

Computer Sales

We carry a limited inventory of desktops, laptops and accessories.

Growth Driven Design

Your website is your biggest marketing asset and is the centerpiece of all your marketing activities. It is often the first place people go when looking for more information on your products or services. It is the place where we drive all of our marketing efforts and is often the first place prospects come looking for information.

Additionally, your website is also your “best salesperson”. It’s been said that a prospect has already moved through 70% of the sales process before even reaching out to your sales team. Where are they finding the information before talking to someone? – Your website.

As critically important as our websites are, the way we approach building and improving our websites is fundamentally broken.

After launch, a website typically sits with no major updates for 1.5 to 2 years.

Whatever the excuse is; “No Time”, “Spent all our budget”, “Other Focuses”, etc. We let our website, our #1 marketing asset and best salesperson, sit relatively unchanged for years. This is clearly not an ideal way to maximize website performance, yet we continue to do it.

Yes, there may be some small updates or improvements, along with adding blogs or landing pages to the site, but the core and vast majority of the site remains untouched.

It’s time we take a step back and look at how we can approach the website redesign process from a different angle.

We need to find a superior process that avoids all of the risks in the traditional web design process (going over scope, going over budget and time delays) and produces a peak performing website; A web design process that is quick, agile and produces better results and ROI.

A Smarter Way to Think About Web Design

Growth-Driven Design is a completely new approach and way of thinking about building and growing your website.

Growth Driven Design Compared to Traditional

Three Pillars of Growth-Driven Design

  1. Minimize risks associated with traditional web design.

    We work to avoid the risks of traditional web design by taking a systematic approach to shorten the time to launch, focusing on real impact and continuous learning and improvement.

  2. Continuously learn and improve.

    We are constantly researching, testing and learning about our visitors to inform on-going website improvements. Through continuous improvements we can reach peak performance.

  3. As you learn, inform marketing and sales (and vice versa).

    Growth-Driven Design is tightly integrated with marketing & sales. What we learn about visitors helps inform and improve marketing & sales strategies and tactics (and vice versa).


  • A ton of work
  • Will try and get everything right
  • Big chunk of money up front
  • Over 3 months to launch


  • Lower cost to entry
  • Launch a great site quickly
  • Continuously make impactful improvements based on user data
  • Cost is spread out over 12 months

Take this quick assessment to see if GDD is right for you...

GDD Assessment
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Since you do not yet have a website built NOW is the perfect time to implement a Growth-Driven Design methodology!
Is Your Site VR Ready?
Just as smart phones brought about the need to make your website responsive; the advent of VR devices will demand that your website become VR ready.
Virtual Reality enables you to totally immerse your visitors and give them an experience instead of just information. From simple VR views embedded in your website to fully interactive apps Code Monkeys can literally make your vision come to life.
VR is a new emerging technology and we're only just seeing the tip of the iceberg. With companies such as Google, Facebook, HTC and Samsung driving the technology you can count on seeing VR evolve rapidly and become more and more main stream over the next year.
Get ahead of the curve and become a pioneer in web VR for your visitors that use Google Cardboard, Oculus Rift, Gear VR, HTC Vive or any other VR device!

Code Monkeys LLC is an approved Samsung Gear VR development partner


Meet Our Team

Dan Moore

Lead Web Developer

Dan began developing websites in 2011 and does both front and back end web development. Dan also handles computer & mobile device repair.


HTML | CSS | mySQL | PHP | Javascript | jQuery | AJAX | Node.js | Meteor | Joomla | Wordpress | Computer Repair | Mobile Device Repair

James Knops


James is our resident Wordpress monkey in addition to having programming chops in Java, C++ and Unity game development. James is the newest member of the Code Monkeys team.


Wordpress | HTML | CSS | Javascript | jQuery | Wordpress | Java | C++ | Unity

Joel Johnson

Computer Repair, IT & Managed Services

Joel works in the computer repair side of Code Monkeys and has been repairing computers for over 25 years.


Computer & Laptop Repair | Virus Removal | Networking | Systems Management

Jeremy Kohl

Designer & Front End Developer

Jeremy has been an artist all of his life and hosts the Dungeons & Dragons game every other Saturday night in our office.


Graphic Design | HTML | CSS | Javascript

Spencer Fraise

Senior Developer & Project Manager

Spencer has been designing, developing & marketing websites for over a decade & specializes in building scalable complex functionality web apps and sites.


html | css | mysql | php | javascript | jquery | ajax | node.js | meteor | firebase | tokbox (open-tok) | phonegap (cordova) | Joomla | Wordpress | Unity | Oculus | Samsung Gear VR | Google Cardboard

Ed Paulsen

Project Manager & Scrum Master

After graduating with an MBA from Notre Dame in 1990 Ed taught as a missonary in Samoa. He later went to work with Accenture as a COBOL programmer and project manager. These days Ed splits his time between teaching, managing his many property rentals and helping us stay organized and on task here at Code Monkeys.


COBOL | Project Management | Scrum Mastering | JIRA | Confluence

Code Monkeys & the Baldwin-Woodville High School launched the Tech Entrepreneur Startup Learning Accelerator (TESLA) program this year.

The program is focused on exposing students to all facets of a tech startup essentially treating the class like a new startup company with the goal of building a prototype and pitching their concept to potential investors by the end of the school year.


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