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Spencer Fraise


Spencer has been designing, developing & marketing websites for over a decade & specializes in building scalable complex functionality web apps and sites.


HTML | CSS | mySQL | PHP | Javascript | jQuery | AJAX | Node.js | Meteor | Electron | Firebase | TokBox (open-tok) | Cordova | Joomla | WordPress

Dan Moore


Dan has been developing websites for more than a decade and is experienced in both front and back-end web development. He now spends his time maintaining our current HIPAA Forms Service and future releases.


HTML | CSS | mySQL | PHP | Javascript | jQuery | AJAX | Node.js | Meteor | Electron | Joomla | WordPress

Ed Paulsen

COO / HIPAA Security Officer

Before attaining his MBA from Notre Dame in 1990, Ed was a missionary teacher in American Samoa. He then worked for Accenture as a application developer and project manager. These days Ed splits his time between supporting our HIPAA Forms clients and helping Code Monkeys stay organized and on task.


HIPAA Compliance | Project Management | WordPress | Gravity Forms | HTML | CSS | COBOL

Developers of


Our HIPAA Forms plugin & API service solves complex compliance issues enabling you to take electronic health information over your website securely, easily & affordably. Our plugin makes things easy by allowing you to simply check a box that instantly makes your Gravity form HIPAA compliant.

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