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Strategy First Approach

Strategize | Design | Develop | Deploy

Design without intent is just decoration and we're not in the decoration business.

Let us help you develop a REALISTIC online strategy that includes developing a local online presence, finding ways to integrate your website into your existing offline marketing efforts and finally developing not only a great looking modern & mobile responsive site, but a site designed to convert your visitors into clients.

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What's the Purpose?
You're in the business of writing policies NOT giving people free information so the sole purpose of your website should be to write more policies and grow your business!
During the initial discovery & strategy phase we want to dive into what makes your agency tick. What's your target market, who's your ideal customer, what your current marketing methods are and what your goals are for your agency.
From there we take what we discover and build a realistic comprehensive plan to grow your business and reach your goals with your website as a fully integrated cornerstone of your overall marketing strategy.
This initial strategy phase determines how we approach the design and lays the groundwork for how you will grow your business.
Conversion Focused Design
Design without intent is just decoration, and we're not in the decorating business.
Every aspect of the design will have a strategy based purpose and be focused on speaking to your ideal customer in your target market and funneling them into your primary call to action.
The overall user experience is also heavily considered. People visit your site for one of only a few things such as to get a quote, contact you or to get customer service so these must be easy to find as soon as the site loads.
Another aspect is creating landing pages to compliment your on and offline marketing campaigns to laser focus your message and convert them to clients.
Finally, it goes without saying, in 2017 a ton of people will be visiting your site on a mobile device so your site will be mobile responsive and optimized for phones & tablets.
Making it all work
With your strategy as a foundation and a purpose-driven design in place it's time to build.
Communication will be constant and you'll be able to watch in real time as development progresses.
This isn't our first rodeo and we know through experience where and why projects stall so we employ several tools and methods to prevent these pitfalls and keep the build moving forward quickly and efficiently.
Once the build process is complete we put your site through a comprehensive quality assurance (QA) process testing how it looks and performs on multiple device types from the smallest smart phone to a large television display, Macs, Windows and all of the modern popular browsers.
Finally, when you sign off on the build we'll deploy the site to the live server, point your domain to the site and run one finally QA check.
Cost Vs. Value
The truth is just about anyone can build a website these days on the cheap but these low cost options JUST focus on building a website with no strategy or purpose in place.
Our focus is solely on how to grow your business, your website is just a tool that helps us do that. Building a website is just cost, growing your agency is value.
We provide an affordable monthly subscription option under a 1 year contract at $299/month for the first 12 months which then drops to $99/month starting month 13 which includes the following:

  • Strategy building based on your goals, target market, ideal customer and business methods
  • Establishing a local online presence using Google Places (business), Bing Local & Yelp
  • Keyword research and discovery
  • On-site search engine optimization
  • A custom, modern, clean, mobile responsive & conversion focused website design
  • Website development & deployment
  • Comprehensive training for you and your team
  • Hosting
  • Support
  • You own your website & domain

Meet Our Team

Spencer Fraise


I owned an independent insurance agency for nearly a decade and first cut my teeth in web development designing and marketing websites for my own agency.

Even though I ran a multi-line agency I primarily fell into the major medical niche. By 2008 nearly 90% of my business was generated online and had refined the process so well that people could run their own quotes and apply directly online with no direct communication needed unless they had questions or needed service work.

Unfortunately we all know what happened to the major med market in '08 & as nearly a decade of work building my agency went up in smoke I was forced to do some reflection and make some hard choices.

Looking back it was obvious that what made my agency successful wasn't that I was great at selling health insurance, rather it was my ability to design and market websites so I decided to sell what was left of my agency and dove full time into web development.

My experience running my own agency puts me in a unique position compared to most other web design and marketing agencies out there. I know first hand the challenges you face as an agency owner to meet volume requirements from carriers, keep up with CE credits, manage your staff & just keep the lights on for another month.

I know what it takes to run and grow an insurance agency, I've lived it. Now I look forward to helping you grow your agency!


html | css | mysql | php | javascript | jquery | ajax | node.js | meteor | firebase | tokbox (open-tok) | phonegap (cordova) | Joomla | Wordpress | Unity | Oculus | Samsung Gear VR | Google Cardboard

Dan Moore


Dan began developing websites in 2011 and does both front and back end web development. Dan also handles computer & mobile device repair.


HTML | CSS | mySQL | PHP | Javascript | jQuery | AJAX | Node.js | Meteor | Joomla | Wordpress | Computer Repair | Mobile Device Repair

Joel Johnson

Computer Repair, IT & Managed Services

Joel works in the computer repair side of Code Monkeys and has been repairing computers for over 25 years. If you're having computer issues he's the guy to talk to.


Computer & Laptop Repair | Virus Removal | Networking | Systems Management

James Knops


During breaks from college James is our resident Wordpress monkey in addition to having programming chops in Java, C++ and Unity game development.


Wordpress | HTML | CSS | Javascript | jQuery | Wordpress | Java | C++ | Unity | Hippy Drum Circle Attendance

Rob Hines


Rob is one of our newest developers and is currently focusing on working with Node.js & Meteor.


C++ | HTML | CSS | Javascript | Node.js | Meteor | Mongo DB

Ed Paulsen

Project Manager & Scrum Master

After graduating with an MBA from Notre Dame in 1990 Ed taught as a missonary in Samoa. He later went to work with Accenture as a COBOL programmer and project manager. These days Ed splits his time between teaching, managing his many property rentals and helping us stay organized and on task here at Code Monkeys.


COBOL | Project Management | Scrum Mastering | Wordpress

Mike Sather


Mike is a Wordpress wizard, Javascript Genius and rocks out an awesome lumberjack beard which we're told is the source of his powers. In his free time Mike enjoys sitting in chairs, drinking energy drinks, playing the guitar and working.


Wordpress | HTML | CSS | Javascript | jQuery | PHP | MySQL | Playing Guitar

Brandon "B-Day" Hall

New Business Development Manager

Brandon has a keen eye for finding websites that could use a little TLC and for helping business owners not only create fresh modern responsive sites, but also develop a realistic strategy to drive traffic and convert those visitors into paying customers.


Helping Business Owners | Whistling | Helping Mike Play the Guitar


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